Tuesday, 2 August 2011

MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION (More news than fits the print)

Well, the United States government managed to get the federal debt ceiling raised. But, I'm still wondering about it.
1. How is the government going to get enough money to pay its bills in the long term?
2. How will this development effect someone with little money? (I ask that because a person living in Georgia, and making minimum wage at a full-time job, earns about $11,000 a year. I'm sure some people make that in a week, or less.)
Interesting: I saw President Obama on television, talking about this "manufactured crisis." This almost-disaster, that didn't need to happen, and sets a difficult tone for future days. Sadly.

In the midst of the fray, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) returned to the House for the first time in many months, and cast her vote on the budget plan. This, after being shot in the head last year. She gave no advanced notice of her return. But she was greeted warmly by other members of the House, from "both sides of the aisle."
An amazing recovery she has made! With help from a lot of wonderful and talented doctors, and nurses, and technicians, and, . . .
I wonder if that person in Georgia, earning $11,000 a year, would get the same treatment for a gun shot in the head.

The weather today started out sunny and fair. Not a cloud in the sky. Then, at supper time, dark clouds rolled in. We were promised thunder showers all night, and more rain tomorrow.
About an hour after that, the sky was bright, with only a few fluffy clouds.
Which proves that, each day, all we get is a 100 per cent chance of weather.
Better than previous, though. On this day in 2002, the high temperature was zero. Or 32°F, if that' how you measure things. We Canadians can be cool customers, even in the midst of summer.

Ann Marie (as in The Rev. Ann Marie) is the priest at an Anglican (Episcopal) congregation which I attend from time to time. (It's not really where I belong, so to speak; it is a good place to be.)  The gospel text for last Sunday came from Matthew's gospel, where the writer shared the story of Jesus feeding five thousand men, plus women and kids. Ann Marie spoke of abundance that we have, and our need to share that, in simple but significant ways. This, in a very working-class neighbourhood on the traditionally poorer side of River City.
Earlier in the week, I had been thinking about abundance, too. In relation to a book on Celtic Christianity by J. Philip Newell, where he was touching on "the fecundity of God."
I haven't got my head wrapped around those two elements, yet. But I understand, intuitively, they are inter-related, in a very important way. 
So my "Woke up Sunday Morning. . . ." post is going to have to wait a while.

And, that's the news.

OH, WAIT — this is the wrong day at this blog. You see what happens when they throw a holiday into the week, just to confuse Bear? Bear gets confused. Very, confused.


  1. This makes me grateful for what I have Bear. Thanks.

  2. Good points to ponder, about sharing abundance...

  3. Don't forget Gabbie's husband is an astronaut, it only added to heighten the situation. I, for one, am glad she made and appearance and is doing remarkably well after what she's been through. But to answer one of your questions. When my unemployed son was the pedestrian victim of a hit and run accident (by a drunk high school football coach) he received excellent care by some of the finest doctors and nurses in the Northwest. His ability to pay was last on the list.

  4. Economics is strange territory to me, Bear, not something I want to enter into and yet like you and everyone else it touches us in many ways, but differently I expect. And therefore it helps to reflect on its vagaries at times, but perhaps not get too lost in it.

    Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

  5. ® Linda: Gratitude is a good thing. It helps us to understand that we are not everything. Thanks.

    ® Janie Girl: Abundance. Especially when maybe we don't think we have abundance. Yes. Thanks.

    ® Bipolar Diva: I'm really glad that both Rep. Giffords and your son got really good treatment. Thanks.

    ® Elizabeth: The vagaries, indeed. "The times are out of joint," etc. Your proposal is good; recognize them, but don't let them overpower. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. I am pondering it too, Bear.xx

  7. Let those who are paid to run the country worry about its' finances. Most of us have enough problems managing our own piggy banks.

  8. The ongoing recovery and appearance of Gabby was delightful for every person, regardless of their political preferences. I say "cheers" to her for her continued improvement!


  9. Great post and yes the debt thing...someone needs to bang all those people's head together. I don't know, markets are terrible turmoil again today, so not good for anyone. Still fun that you get to post on a different day...have you lost a day or gained it???

  10. I think you wrote this post on the exact day it was supposed to be written. If not, we would not have had the marvelous description of the weather, and your immediate thoughts about current events, a sermon, a book. I would not change a thing, including the day, even if I could, and I cannot!

  11. ® Natalie: And it's not easy to ponder, is it. Thanks for the comment; keep up the good thinking.

    ® Pearl: True, thanks. But I got a reply out of you, which is about as much as I could reasonably expect, for a Bear. Maybe not so silly after all.

    ® cheshire wife: The problem is that they may want to manage our piggy banks next. If we still have anything in our piggy banks once they've finished with the economy. Sigh. Good thought though; thanks.

  12. ® Genie: Yes, thanks. Great to see Gabby back. Recovery? What recovery. Republicans got most of what they wanted in the debt deal, and the stock market fell 500 point. Well, um, er. . . .

    ® alw: Yes, thank. Sigh.
    I lose all kinds of things, Jody, including days. And I really miss them when I lose them. I had so much planned, you see.

    ® Lydia: Ah, you're so sweet! Thanks.
    But I still worry about losing days.
    I'll try to be better about all that.


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