Thursday, 23 June 2011


If you have come here, thinking this is my main blog, I'm sorry to disappoint you. This isn't, though it used to be. This blog is about to take on a new life. But that won't happen until sometime in July, 2011, at the earliest.

If you're looking for "what's happenin' now," you need to head over a couple of roads from here, and drive down to the end, where you'll view the open range.

Hop the fence, and feel free to wander around at your leisure. Nothing over there is particularly dangerous. St. Patrick got rid of the snakes for me. You'll perhaps find some gophers, or even an antelope, or some gentle bull.

Probably the most dangerous creature you'll meet at that spot is a Bear — the same Bear that is here, but a bit different in his behaviour. If cornered, he may start quoting A. A. Milne to you, or drive you to distraction with eloquent puns.

I'd say, "Please drop over for a visit," but I think I may have scared you off already. However, if you're a truly adventuresome soul, and really are up for an interesting experiences, do come on over.

Thank you.