Monday, 6 June 2016


I got a note from Snowbrush today. He was wondering, in part, why I hadn't written anything lately. And since an august gentleman like Snowbrush has asked (even in June), I decided I had better write something. (See how much influence you have, Snow?)

I have been doing a lot of thinking and wondering lately. I wonder, for example, from under which rock The Donald had crawled out. (Or is he the Creature from the Black Lagoon?)

But to start with Mr. Trump gives him more significance than that to which he is entitled. So I'll move on. Quickly.

1. I am Sick and I am Tired

More than that, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

In my last post, I shared with you that I am on drugs. The process has not gone well. I have sadly discovered that I simply cannot keep anything in my stomach when I am on those drugs. It is a warning which comes with the medication — some people experience nausea (and worse) as a side effect of the medication.  I have tried a number of options, none of which has been terribly helpful. (It's about enough to drive a Bear out of his mind.) So, once more, I'll be going back to the doctor this week. I am not amused.

2. Our Grandson Had Developed Diabetes.   

And we are not amused by this, either. We are not sure what this will entail, but he is constantly (it seems) having to test his blood sugar. Meaning that he is poking one of his fingers and taking blood samples. Poor little guy; he's only turned 12. One more challenge he did not need. 

He seems (according to family reports) to be getting by with it. (When you're young, you tend to bounce back pretty quickly, I suppose.) The family will be here for supper on Wednesday; I'll get an update then.

3. Our Election Has Panned Out Pretty Much as I Expected.

So we're going to have oil pipelines and pollution instead of a healthy environment. The police state surveillance law will be left in place. Canada's Indigenous people, who were promised a whole new working relationship with the government, will get the same old Colonial treatment. Things are going exactly the way I thought they would go. Things are going the way I said they would go. It's enough to make a Bear cry!

4. The World is Not a Happy Place

You already knew that. Civil War in Yemen, with Saudis adding to the mess. Unsettled migrants in Europe, some of whom are being returned to Turkey. You need a program to keep track of the players in the battle for Syria. Fighting and environmental messes in many parts of Africa. American drones droning on all over the place, "surgically" killing intended targets, and lots of other people — particularly women and children, written off as just "collateral damage." What a horrid term for human lives. 

5. The American Election

So it appears that it will be "Lyin' Hillary" versus "Donald the Doofus" in the federal election. I was hoping it would be Bernie vs Donald, but I believe the Democratic National Committee has decided on "the devil we know" for the presidential campaign. I trust neither Donald nor Hillary. I'm not alone in that — they both have very high disapproval ratings. Both would be bad, not just for American, but for the world. Hillary would be the lesser of two evils, but I don't feel that is the best option for voters.

The rest of the world watches this in agony. Except, perhaps for the radical right-winged groups in Europe, that keep stirring up racial violence.

So To Conclude

"Things could be worse." But we all know that they cannot be (at least not very much).

In the midst of all the chaos, I still dare to wish you "Blessings and Bear hugs."

Today's Weather Report

It is 22°C outside, partly cloudy, with a nice breeze from the south. Overnight, partly cloudy and 13. Tomorrow, 28 with a 20% chance of rain (which isn't very significant).

Yup, it's summer in Bear Country.

Friday, 1 April 2016


Up Way Too Early!

This has not been a good winter for Bears. Much too short and much too mild. We were coming out of hibernation in mid-March — as much as two months early! (While some are still in the dead of winter, like the Black Bears in the eastern part of Canada, I believe they are the exceptions.)

I have no idea what this event might mean for food production this year, but I'm watching for signs. Meantime, as in many springs, I've been reduced to eating grass. Fortunately, the supply isn't too bad. (Despite what you may have heard, we Bears actually eat anything and everything, depending on what we find. We may prefer meat, but nuts, honey, and grass are all fine, if that's all we have around us.)

Doing Drugs

A while ago, when I first crawled out, a friend asked how I was doing. And, well, the best I can say is that I'm still here.

Most of your know I have two chronic problems: depression and pain.       


There is really good news here. I am doing much better! Thanks, God, and friends who have stood by me!

The human side of me has found a really interesting book called Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life. It has been written by psychologist named Martin Seligman, and it leads to a real breakthrough.

I've had no change in my drug regimen, but I may be able to decrease one of them.  Perhaps sooner than later. 


The not-so-good part of the story is my continuing experience with chronic pain. It is showing up in different ways; ways I had not expected. So, I'm living with something called Hydromorphone;  it is a new challenge. "Steady as she goes."

Thanks for all your visits; I hope to be back next week.

Blessings and Bear hugs, everyone! 

Today's Weather Report

It is 10°C in the land of the Bear (but it only feels like about 7°C). But 10 C is one of those "benchmark" numbers to hold for mental reference; 10C is 50°F.

Tomorrow, the day will start at about the freezing point, before rising to 17C (in the mid-60s F) under mostly sunny skies.