Sunday, 27 December 2015


Yes, it is that time of year.

It's -20°C (which is fresh), but it feels like -29C (which is starting to get a bit cool, but nothing serious). It's not until about -60C that we start worrying about anything. As long as we've got bacon, maple syrup, and each other, well be just fine!

As I've said before (I think), there are three things you can do about that kind of weather.
1. You can leave.
2. You can die (which, I suppose, is another way to leave).
3. You can get accustomed to it. Which is what we decided to do a long time ago, so we're still here. Hard to believe we've been living in the west for 45 years. 

Normally, no self-respecting 
Bear would still be up at this time of year. Normally, a Bear would be "out of it" by now. But I have a very good reason for still being up.

The latest Star Wars movie (number VII) has arrived in time for Christmas season. Our son and his family, including the
kids, had decided we would all go to see it, together. (Well not all of us; J is not interested in the least, and daughter M really isn't drawn to this sort of move. They are such romantics.)
So, off we go into a new adventure, sometime after supper. We've already got our tickets, so we're set that way. And to get ready for the big event, we've watched adventures I to VI of Star Wars over the last three days. 

Who, us? Die-hard "Warriors"? What would make you think that?

So, movie tonight, followed by the start of hibernation. The world looks just so beautiful, thought it is a bit cloudy (as you can see from the pictures). But to tell you the truth, I'm really over-tired. So by time I'm into my den, I'll be gone in about two breaths. Hopefully, seeing you in the spring. (BTW, mother Fox left the place in excellent shape after she raised her Kits over the summer; I'll just move in and fall asleep.)

So many things have happened this year. Most of them bad. So I'll not review them. We changed government here in Canada; by spring, when I come out, we'll know if things have actually changed, or if we've simply gone from tweedle-dum to tweedle-dee. I have this feeling, you see, but I don't want to prejudice the potential events. 

I am happy to report that we're all doing well. Except for M, whose SUV was hit in the back end and crunched into a light pole at the front. Total write-off. And she wasn't finished paying for it. NOT a good way to end the year. It was parked by the curb in front of her house. It was about 3:30 a.m. a few days ago. By time she heard the noise, woke up, and figured out what had happened, she saw somebody running away. Anyhow, the police came, etc., etc. Clearly, not her fault.

We're a bit late getting to year end greetings, but Merry Christmas, Happy Hunakkh, Joyous Yuletide, Happy Kwanza, and a delightful New Year. Oh, and for Seinfeld fans, Happy Festivus. I think I've got things covered. If I've forgotten your celebration, I'm sorry, and I hope you enjoyed it. (At this time of year, my brain is pretty foggy, so I don't remember all the things I should. In fact, I don't remember much at all.) 

So, blessings and Bear hugs! See you in the spring.

Today's Weather Report

I'm reliably informed that it will be -14C this afternoon, and -13C overnight, with a chance of some flow snurries (to add to our whiteness). Tomorrow — is another day.