Saturday, 14 February 2015


Hello, Friends:

I rolled over in my den, and got a sharp poke in the side.

It was a "GGGRRRrrr?" moment. 

Turned out it was just a pebble in my bed — far more annoying that I would have thought. But no damage of any sort. (If you're a Human, and have had cracker crumbs in your bed, you'll understand the situation.)

I went to stick out my snout, and check the world, since I was awake. Bashed my nose into a wall. It was a "GGGGRRRr" moment. My nose hurt! (Like Queen Victoria, I was "not amused.")

In my lack of amusement, I swatted where I thought the entrance to my den should be. (Only a gentle swat for me, though it probably would have knocked over a Human.)

Suddenly, a blast of cold air! Fresh air at that. (That's when I noticed things had been getting a bit stuffy in my bedroom.)

Still, though, only Bearly able to get my snout out. Really couldn't see much of anything. Or smell much of anything. 

Took a few moments to adjust my eyes to the light, and realized everything was covered with snow. Even the entrance to my den had been snowed in. 

That's a lot of snow! 

Obviously, there wasn't going to be a mid-winter snack out there. Well, no matter; I'm really not hungry. Just a bit sleepy.

Right, then; back to bed. See you in the spring!

Blessings and Bear hugs, everyone!

Today's Weather Report
Snow. Chilly. (As in -23C, that feels like -31. In American terms, that's -9F feeling like -24.)  OK; some might call that cold. 
That's today and tonight. Tomorrow . . . is another day.

(P.S.: This is Rob, slipping in on the end of Bear's post. Things are OK here, despite the snow. But that's not entirely true everywhere up north. J was talking to her brother, who lives in New Brunswick, Canada. That's Maine-ly a little north and east of New England, USA. There is a tonne of snow (actually many tonnes) down there, and they are slated to get a lot more. Afterwards we saw pictures — the snow beside one guy's walk was piled as high as his shoulders, on both sides. No, that's NOT an exaggeration. 
But, yes, we're OK; hope you are, too!)