Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Once again, Bears get a bad rap. Really, we won't kill you unless you antagonize us. Like endanger our babies, or do something equally ridiculous.

(From BadIdeas T-shits)

Blessings and Bear hugs, eh, from your friendly Bear?

Today's Weather Report
It is supposed to go up to 29C tomorrow (which is 84F). But it will feel like 33C (or 91F). Way too hot for a Bear in a fur coat. I'll hide somewhere that has air conditioning. That should work. Yeah.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


The Three "Musketeers"

You may have wondered what became of our baby Robins. Well, they have been back. Usually one at a time. But last evening, all three came together. They were all grouped around the bird bath. Which I suppose is a reasonable place for them to be. Their "watering hole."

But they are not babies any more.

They are twice to three times this size. Almost "all growed up." So the news continues to be good.

Now, if I can remember to take my camera with me every time I go out, I may get a newer picture.

The other main visitor is a baby Magpie. I am usually able to encourage it and its parents to move on after a short visit. Only today I discovered there are three of those babies, too. And they are getting very large! Sigh!

More from Alaska

As mentioned a while ago, we were on a cruise to Alaska in June. We saw all kinds of wonderful sites and sights. 

Including Bears!

Right in town!

This one was a bit wary of his surroundings

This one was perfectly at home.

Only in Alaska, you say? Dreadful pity.

Blessings and Bear hugs, from them, and me!

Today's Weather Report

Today's high is supposed to 25°C (77F), but it will feel more like 30C (86F). Rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Right now, it's about 22C (72F)

The problem is that the sky was overcast when I first got up, and there has been only a little clearing of clouds. Who knows; we may have rain in time for lunch.

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Although I haven't mentioned them before, we have had a family renting part of our place for the last couple of months. 

Last night, they decided to take off, without even saying "by your leave," or anything else. I just walked into the garage, and three baby Robins jumped out of their nest, and more or less floated to the ground, landing awkwardly.

I was able to get up close and personal with two of them; I also got some pictures.

Giving me a beady-eyed look

More of the same

Mom kept an eye on everything.

The babies eventually disappeared into the undergrowth in our yard, and I couldn't find them. But Mom and Dad knew where they were, and kept talking to them. Kinda like Buttons' cows, who hide their calves in the bush. 

In the process, two Black-Billed Magpies showed up to see if there might be something to eat. (Yes, they eat baby birds, or feed them to their babies.) I tossed a stone up on to our roof, which they took as a sign they were not welcome. They left. Quickly. 

The only major threat now is the cluster of cats which live across the street, and sometimes come into our yard. I have discouraged them by throwing noisy things in their direction. They tend not to stick around too much, either. 

The Robin family had a nice little flat (or apartment) in the vines that cover much of our garage. No hot or cold running water, but they were OK with that. See their place? 

Oh, you don't.

How about now?

Still no luck?

OK. One more try.

There you have it.

I knew they were there because Momma Robin flew out of the vines, from almost right above the side door to the garage, every time I went in there. But I pretended not to know what was happening. 

Finally I figured I would actually get up on a ladder and check them out today. But they decided to run out on me last
evening. What can you say?

I can say, "Blessings and Bear hugs, everyone!"

Today's Weather Report
The high this afternoon is supposed to reach 27C, (that's about 81F). But it's going to feel like 32C (or 90F). And there have been thundershowers, but not much rain. Yup; hot and muggy. But what are summers for? 

Happy haying if your fields are dry enough! (I need to cut my very modest hay crop, or grass crop, this week, too.) 

Friday, 4 July 2014


Happy Fourth of July, folks.

From Wikipedia

Blessings and Canadian Bear hugs, friends!

Today's Weather Report
It's 29C (84F) but feels like 36C (97F). Some southern American weather in Canada for Independence Day? Hmmmm. Texas, perhaps. Or Arizona?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


On our recent sortie to Alaska, J and I picked up a few mementos of our adventure. We each got a mug with a Moose. (The Moose is the state animal of Alaska, I've been told. I would have thought a Bear would be good, but California already has the Bear.)

For the record, the cup is 14 millimetres (51/4 inches) tall and nine millimetres (3 inches) wide. A good "Moose-sized" cup of tea to start the day. May the calmness prevail!

I asked the sales assistant why there were no antlers on the Moose. She said that, during production, they tried painting antlers on the cup. But the antlers were so heavy, the cup kept tipping over. So that idea was scrapped.

Meanwhile, a new challenge. My tea pot now makes only 11/2 cups of tea at a time. Dilemma: do I get a bigger tea pot, or make tea more often? Any thoughts?

And. . . .

Our intrepid hiking friend, DJan, of Bellingham, Washington, often takes pictures of Mount Baker when she goes out with the Senior Trailblazers. We have seen many, many views of the south side of that mountain. 

My brother-in-law and his wife live just a stone's throw north of the Canada-US border in Abbotsford, BC. So they're about 55 kilometres (roughly 35 miles) north of the same mountain. Here, then, is a picture of the north side of magnificent Mount Baker.  

So, now you've seen both sides — very balanced reporting on the story.

Blessings and Bear hugs, everyone! 

(P.S.: You didn't really believe that bit about the antlers painted on the cup, did you?)

Today's Weather Report
Wednesday's high is predicted to be 25°C (or 77F). With a chance of a thundershower. Or a chance that I'll water my garden.