Tuesday, 17 August 2010


By now, you've seen my laments on the tearing down of a house, and the chopping down of a tree.

There's been a change. Not sure why, but there has.

This is something to celebrate.

What has been torn down was the garage of the old house.

It has been cut off in order to create a new lot,


which can be "severed" (if City Council agrees), and sold for a new house. (But it is still too bad that the owner thought he had to cut down a tree to make the potential new lot more "saleable.")

So what will arise?

Perhaps something one of these places, just a bit down the street from the proposed lot.


Or perhaps something like this, one street over (just up from our house).

Those houses are a bit on the small or narrow side, but still nice enough, and with a view of the river, even a small house can be quite inviting.


  1. They look nice. Do you have a view of the river too? I need to read some older posts perhaps, to catch up. Sorry.

  2. The suspense is just bearable.

  3. ® Sonia: We're one street over from the river, so we have only a couple of small glimpses of it. The main one, from the solarium, has been lost, now that the neighbours tree has taken on enormous proportions. The best is from the kitchen window, located right above the sink.

    ® Lee: Thanks; "mindful" comment, as always.


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