Monday 9 August 2010

RISING WORLD FASCISM (yet another lament)

I'm hardly the first person to talk about the return of Fascism to the political agenda of many western nations' political parties. Of course, it isn't called "Fascism" — that would simply scare too many people. It's simply fascism with a different name — some Orwellian "newspeak."

One of the countries where this is happening is Canada. But I'm taking an American example, because the U.S. is much further down this particular road than is Canada.

One of the most interesting pieces of this from the blog of a "Pesky Emotional Republican."

Check this chart:

To begin at the beginning; a confession. By temperament, I'm a "small-c" conservative; I'm not a "Large-C" conservative whose thinking is shown on this list.

The first problem I have with this list is the language. Overly simplistic, jingoistic (excessively hostile), language.

Lets take a look at a few things.

"Globalism" — from the Liberal list. Globalization/globalism is supposed to be the ultimate goal of "free enterprise."

"Judicial activism" — from the Liberal list. Meaning of that phrase? "Decisions by a judge with whom I don't agree."

The truth is, of course, that I believe in mixing and balancing the various items on these lists. But the goal of Fascism is to create polar opposites — to be opposed to co-operation (which is routinely explained as a "selling out one's convictions"). Once the polar opposites have been created, your goal is to get rid of people — in one way or another — who don't agree with your thinking. Which is why bi-partisan government isn't working in the US, or in Canada.

Lord, have mercy upon us!


  1. The list was obviously written by a Republican. I should like to see a revised version written by a liberal

  2. I always say I am just a "bear of little brain" - a simple view on life I suppose I mean. Why can't we all work together for the benefit of everyone in this world of ours. The more we separate and segregate and pitch one group against another the quicker mankind will obliterate itself!

  3. In Canada. Rob, it is not easy to distinguish between right and left since our pols shift label as they change shirts.
    Look around and in Ottawa and Québec, can not say in other provinces, you will see erstwhile Conservatives running as Liberals and Liberals becoming Conservative ministers, Mr Cannon for instance, or our Jean Charest a former federal conservative minister and even a candidate to head that party.
    Our current goverment certainly has some fascist, at least it's Reform base, leanings but they know they have to restrain themeselves and the recent surveys confirm that.
    Mankind will never learn.

  4. Thank you for writing about this. I have been so disturbed lately by seeing society going down this path, as you describe it. I mostly feel powerless to stop it. Maybe more of us bloggers should write about it and whip up awareness. We citizens, US and Canadian, don't have to stand for it!


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