Saturday 3 March 2012


One of the ugliest political deceptions used on Canadian voters apparently happened during the last Federal Election, in May, 2011. It is just coming into significant light now.

Simply put, the action was set up to deliberately mislead voters. Some individuals, claiming to represent Elections Canada, made phone calls directing voters away from established voting places, to addresses where there was no voting poll. (Elections Canada is the government body which runs Federal — meaning national — elections.) The calls apparently were made to people who were somehow identified as supporting parties other than the Conservatives. Calls have been traced to a "voice broadcast" company in Edmonton, Alberta. This is a company which has done work for high-ranking individuals in Canada's Conservative Party, including the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Plain and simple, someone was disrupting the voting process. The disruption may not have come from the business involved. But it apparently came through that business. For a while, it appeared that the problem occurred in only a few constituencies, where the vote was expected to be tight. Then the number rose to 18. Now, as many as 50 electoral districts may have experienced that disruption. That is over 15 per cent of Canada's total electoral districts.

Yesterday's news is that Elections Canada has received over 31 thousand calls of concern since the story first became public. That's 31,000 calls, by individuals alleging they received misdirecting information.

Clearly, this is not an isolated problem. In fact, it appears to be very well-organized.

The significant thing is that this fits the Conservative's style of  political operation, the end-justifies-the-means, win-at-any-cost approach. Which, I believe, is inconsistent with the Christian values which many Conservatives claim to follow personally.

The Conservatives have set out to fundamentally change Canada, from a country based on citizen equality, to one which has strong class divisions. It follows a pro-business, anti-worker style to governing. And it is scaring a lot of Canadians. 

All this brings us to the work of Lawrence Britt. Britt has made a point of studying Fascist governments in many parts of the world. He has come up with Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism. Here is number 14.

Fraudulent Elections - Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham. Other times elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against or even assassination of opposition candidates, use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries, and manipulation of the media. Fascist nations also typically use their judiciaries to manipulate or control elections.

This misdirection of voters which occurred last May is entirely consistent with what Britt has identified — "fraudulent elections."

I'm certainly not the first person to raise concerns about the overall extreme right-wing trend developing in Canada, and in the United States. (Some call it Fascism, which it may be.) But I am concerned about the continuing "problems" the Conservative Party is having (causing?) in Canada.

I'm a Canadian who really loves my "home and native land." And I'm getting more and more concerned by my nation — our nation — developing trends which are not helpful to the majority of it's citizens.

I'm going to give Rick Mercer the last word on this. (His numbers are a bit off, but he makes a good point.)


  1. The Rethugs are hard at work in America doing the things listed in #14 above. And Putin doesn't even pretend.

  2. Can you say "living in interesting times"? Sure you can. And "interesting" is a huge understatement.

  3. It is very distressing to hear this Rob-bear...but I must say no big surprise.
    Considering the debacle of the Transcanada Keystone XL Pipeline that PM Harper is surely pushing with big oil funding, via the Clintons, who I used to admire...something is going on. What deals are being made by all our elected officials and stolen elections which blocked our elected officials?
    I hope this story uncovers the truth and makes Canadians very angry - enough to do something about it. We can use a role model north of the border!

    1. Thanks for coming by.

      I certainly hope we get to the bottom of this, too!

  4. 31,000 is a huge number... still we had major issues on our last one, they didn't have enough ballot papers at some polling stations as normally the turn out is low and others shut the doors when there were queues outside... for countries that make a lot of noise about freedom and democracy to the point indeed of going to war over it repeatedly in recent times we often have a poor showing ourselves on how to actually do it!

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  6. Today it's harder to get at the truth.
    The Liberals gave me a night mare.They sunk this country to a new low its never been before.It could be a liberal doing this sort of thing to make it look like the conservatives. I wouldn't put it past them. The comment Justin Trudeau made about separatism is just so un Canadian. He doesn't feel a part of Canada? Him? Quebec gets their pension three years earlier than every one else. We should all go live in Quebec.
    I love my country and I think Harper is trying to bring money in to help us but with more hands out, than money to give and no support, he is in a pickle.I don't think Harper has it in his make up to stoop so low as to play with an election. People I know, all wanted him to get a majority because the other parties were making a deliberate laughing stock out of all the good he tried to do. Politics is ugly and he was strong enough to stay afloat.I'd say he is a leader and we need leaders.
    Sometimes you have to say no to get things done. You can't please every one.
    Today everywhere you look, people need help. Justice system is screwed,health system,employment insurance, health care,jobs, businesses leaving...... then we have this Islam problem........Have you tried shopping for groceries lately? The prices have tripled.
    We need to get revenue from somewhere.
    Where do you suggest we get it from?
    If you have ideas, send them to Harper. I am sure he'd like to hear.For me, I'd rather my oil go to the US, our ally, than to a country who has become the new imperialist.Islam is killing all the people in Africa, The US is trying to free every one, and China is sitting quietly making money in all these countries and no one is touching them.One day it will be between Islam and China and China will never step down to Islam.The worst is yet to come.
    We sold ourselves to China and now have to gain back what we lost.I feel sorry for Harper. He is a good man.

  7. I'm glad to see you've written a very good post about this awful situation. It was just six months after my return to Canada after thirty-three in the US that the federal election occurred. My husband and I were both astounded that the Harper Government won a majority after being certain from what we'd been hearing and reading about his policies that the Conservatives would be lucky to form a coalition. Now the word is out about outright voter suppression having been conducted through robo-calls. There have also been strong rumors about collusion between the Conservatives and the US Republican Party machine. I hope the Canadian people are ready to get angry enough to demand an accounting but I'm afraid they will not.

  8. I left a comment a few days ago that seems to have disappeared before it cleared blogger. Although it was longer than this one the main point I thought to mention is that the tricks undertaken in the last Canadian election looked suspiciously like Republican Party tactics used in the US since the 2000 s-Election of GW Bush. I wonder how many meetings Mr. Harper has had with Karl Rove?

    Canadians should be outraged about this issue.

  9. Saw you at my blog. I skipped over to check you out. Wow, you have several blogs. I can hardly keep up one. I have been in a bit of blog slump. Guess I am taking an unannounced hiatus! Anyway, I like your writing and your style. I'll be back.

  10. I live in West Virginia and for some reason in this state dead ppl seem to get to the polling places to vote in elections. Its just a phenomenon around here.

  11. ® Deborah: Thanks for coming and visiting.

    There are major protests over this election problem all across Canada this weekend.

    ® Furtheron: It seems that a problem-free election is a thing of the past. Sigh!

  12. Somehow, your comments have been arriving in a strange manner. I'll blame Blogger, even though I may be the problem.

    ® teddy bears: Thanks for visiting this blog. I hope you'll be back. Having visitors is such fun.

    ® susan: No surprises that the Canadian Right and the American Right are seeming the same. That's very frightening to me. And to lots of other people.

    As for outrage, there are demonstrations all across Canada this weekend over the issue. People are outraged! There might even be some action in your city.

  13. ® Retired Knitter: Thank you for coming to visit, and thanks for the support. We had a couple of hundred people at city hall today, expressing their concern about the situation. That, from one invitation on a newly-created Facebook page.

    ® Gossip_Grl: Ah, so people in West Virginia are just dying for the chance to vote? We haven't had those folks up here, but increasingly there are reports of improperly documented people voting in our last election. Things are going from bad to worse.

  14. ® A Lady's Life: Sorry I missed you in the confusion. Having to shift from one computer to another is a pain in the posterior.

    In the end, I'm not sure who is responsible for the election fraud. What I do know is that someone has upset our whole electoral process, and I find that very frightening. M. Poutine was very effective in his work.

  15. We have the same dirty political tricks and voter fraud here in the USA. I love my country, but I hate politics!

  16. ah bear, what is it about our species that is so slow to learn? i used to believe in elections, and in my american congress. i still believe in some power of good. i want to believe in abundance, although the current state of the world is challenging that.

    who said 'be the change you want in the world'? pete seeger? margaret mead?

    my rule # 1: show up.
    rule # 2: be kind
    rule #3: seek astonishment

    see how i've changed the subject? i couldn't help it.


  17. ® sweetsue: I understand what you're saying. Politicians give politics a bad name.

    kj: Be the change you want to see is, I believe, Gandhi.

    And those three rules seem very familiar. Was it you who had them on your sidebar? Or Lydia? No hibernation for Bear = very foggy head.

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  19. Hi Rob-Bear - I have just dropped by your Blog and like what I see. I will be back. This is a great post you have written and written very well, I might add. Thanks fro dropping by my place and I will be back to read more. Take care now, eh :)

    1. Thanks for coming. Have you checked my main blog, Chrome on the Range?


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