Sunday, 12 February 2012


Bear may be Noting things in a new way in the post-hibernation season of life in 2012.

No, you can't quote me; it's just that, well, um. . . .

(To be continued.)


  1. Hmmm... a new blog? Or maybe you'll be tweeting? I tried that twitter business... I'm just too old I guess, because I don't get it!

  2. How intriguing? I wonder what the bear is up to now?

  3. Oh, dear. A little note of encouragement turns into a problem. What's a Bear to do?

    I would like to be blogging more, but this business of trying to feel healthier seems to have almost entirely taken over my life. Thanks for your comments, but, please gimmie a chance already! Sheesh.

    ® Cheshire Wife: Didn't anticipate leaving you hung up in suspenders. More like a promise, this was.

    ® Just Two Chicks: Definitely not on Twitter. I've said before that I think that's for twits. Or is it tweets? Anyhow, no. Otherwise, um, well, give me another couple of months or so, and I'll see where we are.

    ® Star: Bear is trying to feel healthier. And other things.

    ® Journey with Candidia: I couldn't have said that better myself. Thanks.

  4. I hope you feel better. Didn't know you were sick.
    Bears are powerful and so if anyone can do it, you can.
    Every day is a new day and brings hope along with it.
    Have a good one friend.

  5. How mysterious! Love and Bear Hugs, Di ♥

  6. where oh where is my comment? good thing i ventured back to discover blogger chomped on ny curious words.

    what's coming, rob=bear? don't delay too long, please. hiberation timne is almost up.


  7. ® A Lady's Life: I've been sick for so long, I don;t know what healthy feels like. Thanks for the support.

    ® Diana: Thanks. I hope things are getting better for you, too.

    ® kj: To err is human; to really foul things up takes a computer.
    And since we're using computers, there is a reasonable probability things will get fouled up. Or are getting fouled up. Or something.
    Please do not just your computer; this problem may be temporary.
    Truth be told, I'm so worried about emily rabbit that I cannot sleep. Which is turning a grim year into even less fun.

  8. ® John Gray: Right, uh, John. In due course. I promise.

  9. I like your imaginative entries. So, I decided to become a follower.

  10. ® Lisa @ Two Bears Farm: I'm trying to keep it interesting. And people recognize that. They say I'm trying. Very trying.

    ® kathydobbs: Thanks so much for coming to visit.

    If you want imaginative entries, you should go to my other blog: Chrome on the Range

  11. This is a delightful blog! I bears noting that I am a new follower. ;) I do like imaginative entries so i too may visit Chrome on the Range. :)

  12. ® Crystal Pistol: Thanks for visiting and following along. I'll try not to be too boring or stuffy.


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