Tuesday, 22 September 2009


The first of what may be three elections for us is over. Danielle Chartier, representing the New Democratic Party, (i.e. Social Democratic) received 1,840 votes. Corey O’Soup of the Saskatchewan Party (i.e., Conservative) was second with 1,506 votes. Two other candidates (Liberal and Green) got just over 70 votes each, in the by-election held yesterday.

(Danielle giving her victory speech.)

The past two men who held this riding were both NDP, and both Premiers (i.e., Prime Ministers of the province). It was the CCF, forerunner of the NDP, which led the fight for medicare in Saskatchewan, then the rest of Canada.

Danielle lives just a block from our home; O'Soup doesn't live in our city, let alone the Riding. Danielle has a long history of community service. Cory was involved in a community development project, but turned his back on the people of this riding for the sake of political opportunity, when people needed his help (very long story).

Next up; civic elections, which will be held last week of October.

Will there be a federal (national) election? Well, the boys and girls of the Parliament in Ottawa are still "playing poltics" about that. When "scoring points" for "the party" is more important than serving peoples' needs, politics gets pretty disgusting. Sigh!


  1. Dear friend thank you so much for your words. They ring true and I know that they are true.

    Thank you for the love.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Thanks Rob, for visiting me and for leaving such sober comments. I do hope things progress here for us. You got the facts right, my friend; and it's good to know you understand.

  3. ® Renee: I often find that words are inadequate in situations like yours. Glad mine help some.

    ® Rosaria: Thanks you for your very kind comments. I'm obviously not a player in your game -- you Americans have to sort this out yourselves. But given my training and experience, hopefully I can offer the odd insight or word of encouragement.

  4. Rob-Bear, your words and insights are tremendously important to me. When you are in the fight, you want to fight back each and every skirmish; get muddied up. But, we need to stay clear headed and committed to reaching solutions. Having a third party come in and clarify is very valuable indeed.

    Thank you so much.

  5. ® Rosaria: What was it the Beatles said? Something like, "We get by with a little help from out friends."

  6. I like that, blessings in a challenging time.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. ® Renee: Thanks. Kinda' like the flower growing in adversity. Bear hugs (gentle variety) from here.


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